Charlie Thompson's Family Relief Fund

Dear Friends and Family, Harmony Event Medicine (HEM) is hosting the official donation site for Charlie Thompson's family relief funds. Many of you have asked how you can help, and this will support Hollis and Abigayle during this time. Charlie and Hollis spent many years dedicated to our mission and we are honored to know them and to do this for their family.

You can make donations by either choosing to use Paypal, option: “Friends and Family” (to maximize your donation), or you can use your credit/debit card, which will definitely result in a 4% fee.

You may also choose to donate through Venmo, which is fee proof. That address is: @HEM-2003

We love you!!!

Jeff of HEM

If you have any questions regarding donations please email

HEM Wish List - Items we could use if you can donate them.

Medical hardware needed-Prices are approximates due to variation from one supplier to another. Brand is not usually important as long as the product is the same.

Crutches all heights 2 pair each size. (they often don\'t come back) $30

Ambu mini perfit ACE collar (12 settings infant - sm adult) Extrication collar $17.65

Ambu ACE Adjustable Extrication Collar $18.65

Body Loc Strapping system- Adjustable hook and loop closures with Pull tabs for Backboard

Backboard $140-190

Head Immobilizer $150

CPR Training Manikin $50-$400


Emergency Oxygen Unit including refillable Full tank, one way mask attachment, guage, 6&12 LPM,

90 minute $424 30 minute $295

Replacement oxygen cylinder $100

3 Camp Cots $70

cot sheets

2 Portable massage tables with adjustable leg heights $150-500

3 Rollup Lg Camp Tables $90

Camp Kitchen $100

Gator/Golf Cart

4 Motorola Two way radios $300-350ea with extra batterries $120ea, charger $280ea, Headsets $40-

$80ea, microphone $77each

3 Ice Chests $50-80

Cots/Beds single person use

8 Wool Blankets $10-30

6 foot wash tubs-$5

Lighting any type

Shower tent-$90 6 solar showers

Portable solar panel for laptops and phones

Tables and Chairs IV Supplies Albuteral inhalers 6 Epi Pen-2adult, 4children 12 cup Metal French Press

Tipi 19ft $1500 or Dome (Pacific Domes love to cater to medical non-profits and work special deals,they currently have some overstock of 20ft waterproof dome rentals that they will sell at a $3000+ discount off regular price) Regular price portable event tall lightweight cover 16ft $4400, 20ft $5800 Waterproof 16ft $6900, 20ft $9000

4 large rubbermaid totes

2 Metal Medicine Cabinets with clear locking door $300

Custom built travel tincture medicine cabinet with clear door

Homeopathic carrying/dispensary Case

HEM Logo imprinted custom first aid kits for Donors/Promotion empty case 10.85 (we would custom fill for festival needs from our bulk supplies as well as adding some items like glow stick, lighter, key chain LED light, sunscreen, bug spray, tinctures, homeopaths etc which have additional costs but could be kept low by buying bulk and donations)

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